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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Prekindergarten/Preschool Program

Parents can trust the program to address all aspects of child development.

Our prekindergarten/preschool children are encouraged to interact with peers, adults and materials within the framework of a planned environment. To encourage development and learning in our preschoolers, we believe that teachers should use a variety of overlapping teaching strategies. Our program aims to address the cognitive, social, physical and emotional aspects of development.

Prekindergarten/Preschool Activities

Prekindergarten/Preschool activities include: blocks, math manipulative, art, library, science, role-play, computers, large motor skills, music and movement and cooking. Large motor and social skills are encouraged outdoors. Reading is promoted with weekly trips to the library. Adults also read to children daily and encourage active involvement by discussing the stories and relating them to other activities in the classroom.

Our Prekindergarten/Preschool Program Encourages:

  • A Better Understanding of the Immediate World

  • A Positive Attitude

  • Beginning Reading Skills

  • Beginning Writing Skills

  • Cooperative Social Behavior

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Learning and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Learning with All of the Senses

  • Logical Thinking Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Skills In Make-Believe Play

  • Verbal Communication

Prekindergarten/Preschool Organization

We carefully organize our prekindergarten/preschool classrooms into focus areas: Language and Literacy,Fine Motor, Art, Music and Movement, Blocks,Dramatic Play, Nature/Science, Math, Acceptance of Diversity, Appropriate use of Technology. Gross Motor and social skills.

Parent Updates

Parents are welcomed into the classroom, and teachers consult with them about their child’s needs and progress. Parents receive a Monthly Calendar of activities and a Weekly Update to learn what is happening in the prekindergarten/preschool child(rens)’s classroom, as well as throughout the learning center.

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