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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Your goal is to find the best childcare center for your child or children; one that you can trust and know that your child is safe. Equally important is that the educational program meets your needs and their needs, far and beyond expectations, within every area. We understand; it’s our goal as well. Bronx Day Care is more than a daycare. We offer a safe, nurturing environment that fosters learning through discovery.

Programs We Offer

Bronx Day Care is an owner-operated center, not a franchise or a chain. Bronx Day Care was started in Nov 2008, to provide the children with a quality educational program based on their needs and desires. The staff believe what research has proven, that the early years of life are important for all areas of development.

The teachers use “Intentional Teaching” they act purposefully with a goal in mind and to have a plan for accomplishing it. Intentional teaching means that teachers act with specific goals in mind for the children in their care and set up the environment accordingly. Intentional teachers have a vast understanding of child development. They must also have a wide range of instructional strategies and know which strategies work best to teach which academic or developmental concept. The following critical developmental areas; social emotional, physical, language and cognitive are promoted within our curriculum.

Independence, Freedom, Challenge

Independence is fostered by providing as much responsibility as the child can handle. Freedom to make choices and decisions for activities during the day encourages this independence.

Studies show that when given an interesting, challenging environment most children will make wise choices for their learning activities. However, when we observe children who need assistance in a particular area of development, they receive encouragement to participate in activities that will strengthen them in those areas.

Each person at Bronx Day Care is committed to provide nurturing, safe, secure, and enriched environment with appropriate activities to enable children to develop to their fullest potential.

We encourage parents to understand, and to discuss their children and our goals. We want parents to observe our busy, noisy, creative center at any time. And we want them to realize the importance of what their children are learning.

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