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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Toddler Care And Development Program

As a communication tool each family receives a “Toddler Information Record” at the end of the day. This informs you of what happened with your toddler throughout the day.

The daily schedule provides a balance of activities in consideration of the child’s total daily experience.

  • Child development materials and equipment is available.

  • Self-help skills are encouraged.

  • Social interaction is emphasized.

  • Language is supportive in various ways.

  • Physical development and skills are encouraged.

Toddler Learning

Freedom to explore various learning activities and interest centers, e.g., paints, clay, collage, musical instruments, blocks, books, dolls are provided daily that challenge children to move forward

We include special activities selected by the teacher to meet specific learning goals for the toddler to gain self-confidence, feel proud of their accomplishments, and learn to love learning.

Toddler Curriculum

Our program helps children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening and enables the toddler to use their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.

Adults read to the children everyday by visiting our library which is included in their weekly schedule. Teachers help the children talk about what they have heard, and help them relate the stories to activities in the classroom or at home.

Teachers make parents part of the community of learners. Parents are welcomed into the classroom, and teachers consult with them about their child’s needs and progress.

Toddler Toileting

We will begin toileting when you and the staff agree that your child is physically and emotionally ready. The idea will be introduced in a casual way at the right moment.

We do not force toileting because success depends upon your child’s voluntary cooperation. 

We help toddlers toward toilet independence: to get on and off the toddler size “potty” themselves and manage their clothes with minimal help. We want toileting to be a positive experience for your child.

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